Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So our lap top crashed... one sad day still haven't been able to get all my pictures off of it lets hope there is a way it has ALL of Saiges baby pictures wedding pictures, well my whole life the past 2 years at least. But we finally got a new computer and as soon as i figure it out i will post all my updates. So much for my new years resolution I'm already behind.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

{February 6th}

February 6Th is a great day...... Its the day i said "I do" to my best friend husband and the man of my dreams! We didn't do a darn thing i got sick at church we came home early took a nap and then watched the super bowl. That's OK though like Nathan said its just 2 years nothing to really be proud of yet. I am so glad to have him as my husband i am such a lucky girl! He spoils me all to much and makes me laugh and is always there when i need him!


*Makes me laugh

*Gives the best hugs

*Great husband

*Awesome Dad

*love the crazy hair on his chin!

*His testimony

* His kind heart

*Service (would do anything for anyone!)

There is so much more! I love you Nathan and cant wait for many more years to come!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Island Park [2011]

We had a family get away last weekend, we had so much fun. Thanks to Daddy Tim and Mommy Cari! We had great food, great laughs, great company. Island park had so much snow we were all hoping to get snowed in for at least one more day so we didn't have to go back to reality. We had so much fun words cant explain so here is a whole bunch of pictures to show.

Aunt Nat and Uncle Curt brought some way cool play dough that we had a great time with.

We all played and played in the snow. The weather was perfect not to cold the kids had a blast. Saige was not scared one bit, even after she faced planted it down the hill, she still wanted more. She would go down and say "WEE" it was so cute!

Here is Benjamin being Ben, he is so fun to watch he gets just as excited as the kids and has just as much fun as them.

Miss Ruby even came out for a bit to play.

See what i am talking about here is Ben again.

Curt looking like a super model.

pretty darn {cute} kids I must say!

We played in the Hot tub. Harman lived in the in there. If his eyes were open he was figuring out how to get in there and who to bribe to go with him.

We played a lot ofJjust Dance on the Wii even the boys got into it.

The girls had a toe party even Ruby got to join in. We all had pretty sparkly toes!

We had so much fun. Nothing is better then having family close around. We played games and laughed so hard. ATE and ATE who can ask for a better vacation..... Joke of the weekend "Did you hear Willie Nelson died..... Cant tell you the rest of it just because its the only joke i have.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A new year!

Highlights of 2010:

Miss Ruby Ray Newman was born October 05
Baby Riggins Scott Peterson was born on April 19

We invested in 32 stinky nasty chickens and 2 rooster I despise them but love the Eggs.

Bought two horses Wyatt and Tidy

Went on a cruise to Mexico for our one year anniversary

Gavin graduated from Highschool

Saige started nursery loved it at first now wont go at all

celebrated Saige's first birthday!
Sealed as an eternal family

Blessed Saige

Found out we were going to have a little boy!
We bought 11 head of Cows but have no pictures of them.

2010 came and went with a blink of an eye... lets hope 2011 goes by a bit slower! I will have two kiddos running around and i want to be able to enjoy every second with them.

My goals this year:
{is to slow down my creative mind a bit and pay more attention to the things that matter. }
{Take the time to love on my baby girl play with her and teach her new things.}
{ when my baby boy comes take every moment of his little body especially his hands and feet and love on him before he can run away from me!}

{Take the time to make sure my husband knows i love him and adore him to pieces and appreciate everything he does for me and my family!}

{ make sure everyone in my family and in-laws know i love them and to do my best at spending time with them and getting to know each of them better.}
{ My Niece she is already growing so big i will brave the trip alone and go and love her to make sure i am still her favorite aunt!}

{And my nephews o how i love them ill need to hang out with them to know how to deal with boys and get some pointers. }
So pretty much just love life be a better person inside out!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Shirley Saige

My sweet little girl keeps growing and growing I cant seem to stop her. its breaking my heart in two. she can pretty much talk in full sentences which cracks me up the things she says here are some of the best things she has said lately.... (she still has troubles with pronouncing)

had a container of corona.... (not the alcohol its like bag balm) Told Aunt Kenzie "Put it on your butt!

calls Aunt Kenzie.... NAUNIE....

Calls her Elbow "Belbo"

te te te.... is tickle tickle

"i need help"


The rest is jibberish still but she is getting better!

Tank you

Things she loves:

Grandpa and Grandma Smith & Eames has them both wrapped around her finger

"nacks" Fruit snacks

Ellie and Iviee and Baby rigs

her dog Lilly

giving hugs!

Baby doll

finger nails and toes painted

She is getting so big i cant stand it she is so much fun she has the most loving caring heart there is out there. If she hears a baby crying she gets so worried and thinks she needs to comfort them. I love her curly crazy hair, especially in the mornings its the best thing to wake up to a smile and that crazy hair all over the place! She is all girl but not afraid to get dirty swing a bat and wrestle with the boys. She is the best helper loves to help me sweep do dishes put the pillows on the beds. she knows all the body parts and animals and animal sounds! And the color yellow purple blue. I {LOVE} this girl so much and could not picture life with out her. She makes every day and every sleepless night worth while!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Christmas eve opening pajamas

All three in there new pajamas!

This doesn't happen all the time! But we enjoy when they get along!

baby doll grandma got Saige girl.

Where did Christmas go?.... weeks and weeks to get ready and get all my shopping done and it seemed like it was over way to fast. It was so much fun this year Saige loved opening presents and got very excited for what was in the presents. She defiantly was spoiled by grandmas and grandpas! Mom and Dad were pretty lame this year we were going to get her a kitchen but i couldn't find one that i wanted to spend the money on. So Santa brought her a t-Ball stand bat and balls, and cleaning stuff to help mom, in all reality her favorite things to do. Grandma Smith took one of my old cradles growing up that my dad made me for Christmas and painted it and made all new stuff for her and her new baby! My mom is so talented and thoughtful i of course cried what a great memory i get to pass down to my sweet little girl. Saige loves babies this baby cries drinks her bottle and laughs every time it cries so runs to it puts the bottle in it and puts it back to sleep, training her for her baby brother. I am going to have so much help. We had a grat Chrismtas thanks everyone!

Friday, December 17, 2010

I love to see the temple we WENT there!

Miss Ivie, keeping life fun and entertaining! Love you I....EE
I must say i have the cutest nephews! look at this sweet boy!

I was so worried that her hair would not be perfect for the temple i gave El strict orders! And her and Ivie did better then i could have done it thank you!

I have the best sisters ever! thank you for helping with the kids!

look at Ivie working her magic!

My Eternal family!

Thanks to Ben being our official photographer!

We finally made it! What a great day! I was sealed to my handsome husband! ( he cant get rid of me as easy anymore!) And then they brought in my sweet baby girl and we were sealed as a family. Who could have asked for anything more? What a great plan Heavenly Father created for us! It was the best feeling to walk into those room and have it filled with family everyone that has been such a great part of mine and Nathans life. I love my family all the aunts and uncles cousins and grandmas brothers and sisters that came to support us and make that day that much more special was great! Thank you to all who came!